CAD design

We require CAD/CAM files for 3D printing, laser processing, CNC milling and the production of precise components for model making.
We are also available to you as a comprehensive service provider in this area.

CAD focus:

- Revision of existing CAD files
- Complete CAD drawings using photos, sketches and plans
- 3D drawings
- 3D rendering


KSPG Automotive is an international parts supplier to the most renowned engine manufacturers such as VW, BMW, GM, Honda & co.
For the IAA 2018, we were commissioned by KSPG to showcase selected individual components that KSPG supplies to the engine manufacturers.
Our solution:
A transparent unisex acrylic glass motor that is universally suitable for every engine manufacturer. The visually appealing slice design creates exciting light reflections, making it an absolute eye-catcher. In addition to an exciting look and unique design, this technology also offers the possibility of true-to-original representation and placement of the original components in and on the engine.


Key data

Category: Exhibition model

Customer: KSPG

Scale: 1:1

Materials: Acrylic glass, original components
Planning and implementation period: 8 weeks

Process technologies: 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling