Lighting design

We realize your designs or develop new, attractive concepts and solutions, which we present to you in the form of free 3D renderings when you submit your offer.

One focus here is the interaction of the model with multimedia (smartphone, tablet, screen) as well as individual solutions for lighting technology, touch sensors and electronically controllable elements.

A few reference projects:

EWE fiber optic 3D display

EWE offers its customers electricity, natural gas, Internet with fiber optics, mobile phone tariffs and smartphones and energy solutions for their homes.
Our task: Design and realization of a high-quality 3D display on the topic of fiber optic connection that draws the attention of potential new customers to the exhibit/topic and arouses their curiosity.

Key data

Category: Presentation model

Quantity: 20

Customer: EWE AG

Materials: Plastics, MDF, LEDs

Planning and implementation period: 12 weeks

Process technologies: 3D construction, model making, lighting technology, programming



Saferoad - is a leading provider of road safety solutions in Europe and offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality road safety solutions.
Our task: Design and realization of an interactive trade fair model.
Via tablet and app programmed by us, the viewer touches the desired crash barrier system and the real, haptic model is brightly illuminated on the presentation area for the duration of the information clip.

Key data

Category: Interactive trade fair model

Client: Saveroad Group

Materials: plastics, lighting technology

Planning and implementation period: 8 weeks

Process technologies: 3D construction, model making, programming, lighting technology


Symmedia - develops service solutions for mechanical engineering.
Our task: Design and implementation of a production chain consisting of machining centers.
The predefined lighting scenarios are triggered by moving different 3D buttons.

Key data

Category: Tactile presentation model

Quantity: 4

Client: Symmedia GmbH

Materials: Plastics

Planning and implementation period: 4 weeks

Process technologies: 3D construction, lighting technology, model making, programming


Further projects