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Most frequently asked questions

As a service provider operating throughout Germany, you have three options for communication and data transfer in addition to visiting our workshop for the entire duration of the collaboration.

Telephone 0 30 / 24 37 19 06 or 0 30 / 25 74 05 55

Mail to

or use the offer process to upload large amounts of data directly to our server.


Processing fee

The BP is charged for orders with a small order volume (less than € 250.00) and is shown in advance in the offer/contract.

It takes into account the effort for data review, calculation, quotation, e-mail/customer discussion/consultation and machine setup.


Laser cutting

Preferred file format: dxf

Engravings and cuts should be on different layers.

We are also happy to create your CAD data based on the sketches/plans submitted.


3D printing

Preferred file format: stl

CAD components for the 3D printer must have completely closed surfaces.

Only the cm³ that are actually processed in the component are calculated.

Cavities and supporting material do not incur any costs.


CNC milling

Preferred file format: dxf (for 2D milling) , stl (for 3D milling)

We mill plastics, wood and non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) in almost all dimensions, shapes and batch sizes.